16. February 2017

Cyber Security for Business

BSafe2 Cyber Security Box

Model BS2-001

An active web-filtering protection solution that provides improved internet security using DNS blocking to prevent access by ransomware, phishing and viruses, as well as optional blocking of pornographic or other unwanted sites.

A solution for small businesses or home offices
The cyber security box is a solution aimed at small business, from one man in a home office up to about 20 employees. It targets businesses that want additional protection for the company IT system against virus and other malware threats such as ransomware. It adds protection against threats that infects the system from users clicking on malicious links in emails or on websites.
The biggest threat to company IT systems is the behaviour of company employees.
More than 85% of the companies who have been attacked by ransomware have been infected because an employee clicked on an infected link or homepage. In 2016, more than one out of three companies were affected by some form of cyber criminality.

Plug and play protection
The cyber security box is an all-in-one solution. The entire program code is contained in the box, which must be connected to the office’s existing router and AC current. The box then takes care of everything. All network traffic is controlled by BSafe2’s blocking algorithms in the cloud. Installation is very simple and can easily be done by a non-technical employee.

BSafe2’s protection lists and algorithms are updated continuously
BSafe2’s system has been under continuous development for many years, and it combines our proprietary algorithms and blocking lists with additional protection from large international cyber security providers who are also monitoring the cyber security situation continuously.

The system updates take place in real time
The BSafe2 system operates 24/7. It is constantly on the lookout to find new threats and identify new dangerous websites. Dangerous sites are added to the lists daily and as soon as a new site is registered, the cyber security box will protect your office from it.

The solution is fast and you will not notice any reduction in your internet speeds because of it.
The BSafe2 box’s way of working means that traffic, after having been examined and authorised, is transmitted without hindrance through the network at the same speed you had before installing it. A normal BSafe2 request takes only 10 milliseconds, a time span that very few people will be able to notice.

BSafe2 has an uptime of more than 99.99%
BSafe2¨s cloud system resides on mirrored servers in Denmark and on one of the world’s safest data centres in Germany. There is always a backup if one server should go down.

You don’t have to do anything - we take care of everything
BSafe2 monitors the individual boxes continuously and makes sure that everything is running correctly. If the software running the box needs updating to close security holes or add functionality, BSafe2 takes care of it over the net without any need for physical access to the box.

The cyber security box is tailored for a professional environment
The cyber security box is a high performance router with a strong WiFi signal at 300Mbps. The box uses a high-quality Qualcomm QCA953 chipset that is designed for business use. It supports IEEE802.11b/g/n. Two external 7dBi copper antennas ensure high transmission rates, long range and a strong signal.

The box gets connected between your telecom supplier’s router and the LAN units it will protect.

Although the box is plug and play, there are possibilities for individual customisation of the filters. It is possible, for example, to add blocking of porn sites or Facebook.
Such customisation is done through an online account where there is access to an administrator control panel.

Installation requirements
The box is designed for up to 20 units on WiFi and 50 on cabled connections. Any port forwarding requirements must be configured individually.

Technical specifications


Processor QCA9531
WIFI Protocols IEEE802.11n,g,b
Transmission speed Up to 300Mbps
Ports 1 x WAN, 4 x Lan, 1 x USB
Voltage 240VAC/12VDC
Memory 64MB
Controls Reset/WPS button
Encryption WPA2
Antenne Indbygget 2x7dBi
Working temperature -10 / + 55 degrees Celsius
Approvals CE og FCC



Contents of package
• Cyber security box BS2-001
• Power supply unit
• Network cable

Personal data policies
BSafe2 collects information for troubleshooting purposes and to make product improvements URL, IP-addresses, MAC-addresses, company name, address, e-mail, telephone number and contact person. IP addresses and MAC addresses that can be traced to the company are kept for one month and then deleted. BSafe2 uses the collected date only in anonymised form and only as aggregates. BSafe2 saves the customer’s invoice data according to the relevant law. See all conditions on dk.BSafe2.com